Handsome Made Simple

In 2014, I worked with Boswell Scot to create a brand identity system for his company, Best Barber. Since its launch, the brand has been incredibly well-received, helping the company to gain a dedicated clientele in the original Hell’s Kitchen location while expanding into a second location in the East Village.

From day one, Boswell had a focused vision. He wanted to create a new, inclusive perception of the classic barber shop through sophisticated surroundings, efficient service, and genuine client care. I worked to build an identity system which could live up to his vision while helping to focus it even further.

Wordmark for Best Barber

Sample spreads from the brand guidelines

Interior of Best Barber’s East Village Location
Interior of Hell’s Kitchen location

Best Barber Website

The brand identity Blake created for us at our inception, has served as a fundamental guideline as we have grown. Not only does it serve as an accurate visual representation of who we are to the outside world, it has kept us true to the principles we were founded on. Much of our presentation and practice is informed by our visual identity. They exist effortlessly along side each other due to the thoroughness that resulted in its creation.

Boswell Scot, Owner, Best Barber

Business card, promotional postcard, and shelf signage